SARLACC of Seattle Charity Pin page

SARLACC of Seattle Charity Pin page

SARLACC of Seattle Charity Pin page

SARLACC of Seattle Charity Pin page

Oh, did I mention we raised a lot of money?

Our treasurer, Jody, collected a lot of money from folks at our SARLACC-o-Ween party on Saturday. We are now at nearly 75% complete for fundraising.

This money will go towards the purchase of the pins. Much thanks to EVERYONE who helped us out!

Check out the Fundraising Progress page for the up-to-the-electron status!

So close

Apart from finalizing the color choices, and giving a final once-over to check for production issues, the pin artwork is complete. And it looks like this:

SARLACC Charity Pin in prog Oct26

An in-kind donation

This afternoon, Swifty Printing agreed to print up all 1,000 backing cards, individually numbered, for free.

Apparently, Switfy already has done some charity work with The Hutch, so they’re very sympathetic to the cause.

Much thanks to George at Swifty!

Picture 2

Fundraising makes first great stride

We’ve had several folks help out with fundraising pledges, loans, and straight-up donations! Taking all three of these categories of support together, we have passed the halfway point to raising what we need to PURCHASE the pins.

Since the artwork is rapidly approaching its final state, gathering funds for purchase is now the hottest activity in this project.

Check out the chart page to see the current progress. This is a live updated chart, so as we get closer to goal, you’ll see this change.

Thanks everyone for your help!


Starting to Come Together

I’m really starting to think this is coming together. Now that all the elements are in the same format (all vector, no sketches left in the layout) I’m liking it much more.

Colors STILL temporary.

SARLACC Charity Pin in prog Oct8


Pin art progress. As of last night.

Picture 6

Who's hanging on to the money?

Jody and I are co-signers on a joint account at BECU. The account is established with the sole purpose of managing the funds for this project.

As initial capitol comes in, we will gather the money there.

Once we’ve collected enough to pay for the production of the pins, we’ll pay the vendor out of this account.

Payments from the purchase of the pins will also go here, and will be stored until we’re ready to make the donation to the “Hutch.”


The Space Needle, LLC

I may have neglected to mention that the Space Needle did, in fact, approve the use of the likeness of Seattle’s most famous landmark in our artwork.

Thanks to David Mandapat and Erin Peterson at the Space Needle for all their help!


Notes on the color comp

Just wanted to respond to a few comments here.


The colors seen in this in-progress image a so not final!!

I simply needed to assign some colors to my artwork so I could keep track of layering and such. The final color choices should be much closer to the scene in the film ( The Empire Strikes Back, 1980 -- )